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Save me by once blue 唱:CAGNET

A D Bm E G F F#m

Somebody save me 和弦谱

Thanks(A)anyway but a (D)friend like you.

(A)I could do (D)without.

(A)Sky’s a hazy grey

I never(D)seen it quite this way

(A)Watch the sun now(Bm)like me it's sinking(A)

Feel the rain and the wind(D)seeping in

(A)Got you under my(D)skin how did you get in

(G)set my soul(A)free

somebody save me

(E)I'll run away(Bm)almost everyday(D)

But (A)my feet won't(D)carry me

(A)Tears are burning in my eyes

(D)day’s gone and wiped  away(A)my smile

The truth’s unkind(E)but come to find (Bm)so am I

(A)Feel the rain and the wind (D)seeping in

(A)Got you under my skin(D)how did you get in

(G)Set my soul (A)free

Somebody save me

(D)Somebody save (A)me


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